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walnut в Таллинне

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Walnut wholesale, from Kyrgyzstan / Manufacturer
6.30 €/кг DAP  
опт 6 300 €/т
Walnut wholesale, from the forests of southern Kyrgyzstan. Take Orders for: Harvest season 2019/2020 ! 6.3 € Euro / kg. Light walnut kernel ! Product is already in Warehouse in Europe! ( Estonia, Tallinn) Prices from the manufacturer! Already ship and ship! We accept orders for small and large
5 ноя 2019
Walnuts light mix
Оптовая цена
от 5.40 €/шт DAP
Ukrainian WALNUTS LIGHT MIX. Lead time for 20 tons: 2-3 weeks. Packaging: carton box, vacuum bag, transparent foil bags. Work under private label. Delivery included.
4 авг 2021
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120 €/т CIF
We are a group of companies involved in the manufacturing and exportation of Pulp Papers, Multi purpose A4 papers, waste paper scrap material. . We shall offer you the best products for a long-term relationship
23 фев 2022
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