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Тара и упаковка, компании в Таллинне

0.0 14 сен 2016

Импорт/экспорт пластиковой продукции, ПЭТ отходы, граннулы и прочие материалы.

2.6 19 апр

Saematerjali ja puittoodete hulgimüük / wholesale of lumber and wood products

Rumeks-nnz, OÜ
0.9 3 мар 2017

Dear sir we offer cooperation! sale packaging: big bag, pp bag, paper bag, jute bag rumeks-nnz ou Victor Andreev

0.0 20 дек 2017

Crate pooling company. We develop returning systems based on universal crates, pallets or dollies that provides an efficiency for all supply chain members, from producer to wholesaler and finally to consumer in the stores

Rumexnnz, OÜ
0.0 6 июл 2021

We offer Packaging for fruit and vegetables, industrial packaging for industry, agricultural industry. P. S. price jute bag:67x112,907g 1,43eur/pcs EXW Estonia. price PP bag:50x85,67g 0,175 eur/pcs EXW Estonia. price big bag:EXW Estonia. 90 x 90 x 150 cm, P5 – 5,25 Eur /pcs. 250pcs/pallet. 90 x...

В радиусе 200 км от Таллинна
-1.0 21 ноя 2015


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