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Metal, Rolled Metal, companies in Estonia

40 20 Dec 2023

God dag! Vi tilbyr underleverandørarbeid, sveisede metallkonstruksjoner, bygningsstålkonstruksjoner, varmgalvanisert stålhangarrammeverk, transportører, container, rørstålkonstruksjon, Stållagringstanker, silodesign, fabrikasjon og konstruksjon, plattformer, produksjon av produktet i henhold...

0.6 18 Oct 2023

Levstal Group is a steel construction family company with a yearly turnover of 30 million euros. Since 1991, the company has expanded its services and product range. Today, Levstal is working on large scale projects and has become the market leader in steel structures manufacturing in Estonia.

AS LTH-baas, AS
0.0 22 Nov 2023

LTH-Baas was founded in 1934. The company specializes in complex technical retrofit projects, newbuildings’ outfitting projects, refit and refurbishment, and ship repair around the world.

El Metall, OÜ
0.0 9 Aug 2019

El Metall OÜ is engaged in the creation of metal structures at the highest professional contacting us, you will receive advice from professionals who love their work and perform it just in time, applying and using all the wishes of the customer. You are waited by an individual approach, quality,...

0.0 26 Apr 2022

The company is engaged in the selection of employees for Finland. Our profile: welders and fitters.

Metalset, OÜ
0.0 21 Apr 2021

Our company Metalset OÜ deals with manufacture and installation of industrial pipelines and metal structures. We would like to work on a joint project or as a subcontractor. In the area of our competence is included: manufacture of industrial pipelines and metal structures and their...

0.0 20 Oct 2016

Titaniun scrap bay and sell, logistik

0.0 31 May new

Staff rent, Töö pakkumised üle Eesti ja Soomes tööjõudu rent

0.0 7 Jun 2023

Production of metal structures. Agency for the rental of labor. Workwear.

-1.0 21 Aug 2017

Muude metallkonstruktsioonide ja nende osade tootmine. Metallilehed. Metallitöötlus.

Levstal, OÜ
-1.0 22 Aug 2018

For two decades now levstal team members are specialising at manufacturing and processing of metallic components and parts for different areas. selling, cutting, cleaning, bending, galvanizing, painting, welding and shaping of metal as well as mechanical treatment of billets are just some of the...

-1.0 26 Nov 2016

Sector: Materials Industry: Iron & Steel Sub-Industry: Steel Producers

12.0 28 Oct 2021

Широкопрофильное предприятие, зарегистрированное в Эстонии. Основные направления: производство, ИТ, строительство, сфера обслуживания.

0.0 31 Aug 2019

Welder- Assembler(MIG/MAG TIG) We are looking for MIG/ MAG, TIG welders to work in Finland or Estonia different factories. This is a long-term work contract. NB! The CVs must be written in English or Russian and the candidate must have an European passport. Requirements: -Experience in...

0.0 2 Apr 2023

Сварка, дробеструйка, все работы связанные с метталоконструкциями, стройка, агенство по трудоустройству

0.0 2 Apr 2023

Металлообработка металлоконструкции металл сварщики дробеструйщики

Apl Production, AS
0.0 18 Mar 2022

APL Production AS — один из лидеров производства металлоконструкций и оборудования из металла в Эстонии.

Auto-Gamma, OÜ
0.0 6 Sep 2021

Металлоконструкции сварка, механическая , токарная, фрезерная обработка

0.0 7 Feb 2014

Скупка вольфрама, молибдена, тантала, ниобия, победита/твёрдого сплава и быстрореза

0.0 16 Jul 2018

Концерн оказывает качественные услуги по обслуживанию судов на протяжении всего срока их службы, а также является надежным партнером в сферах производства сложных металлоконструкций, машиностроения, обработки и продажи металлов, производства и продажи газов, обработке металлолома, транспортных и...

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